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Vintage Brady Leads Patriots to First Place in the AFC East

With a record of 5-1 and owners of the AFC East, the New England Patriots are holding their heads high going into the bye week.

Until last week, New England was deemed an offensive juggernaut with a suspect defense. After a 20-16 victory over the Dallas Cowboys, a game in which New England’s defense came up with their biggest (and only) stop of this young season, a full-strength Patriots squad is looking extremely viable for a deep post season run.

Tom Brady was not at his best until the end of the fourth quarter, when he led the Patriots on a 10-play, 80-yard drive, culminating in an eight-yard touchdown reception by TE Aaron Hernandnez. After throwing two interceptions earlier in the game (both on tipped passes), Brady was arguably the sharpest he’s been all season, completing 88.8% of his passes on his final drive as Patriots fans enjoyed watching Tom Brady in vintage form. [Read Full Story...]


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Why the New York Jets are Inferior to the New England Patriots, Part 1

After the 2010-2011 season ended for the Patriots with bitter defeat against rival New York Jets, New England restructured their squad through the draft and free agency.

In the draft, the Patriots drafted complementary running backs Stevan Ridley (power) and Shane Vereen (quickness), and also addressed their need for depth at offensive tackle with the addition of Nate Solder.

The Patriots added mammoth defensive linemen such as Albert Haynesworth and Shaun Ellis, while bringing in proven pass rushers Andre Carter and Mark Anderson.

The Patriots' plan to add solid veterans who were at career lows in terms of value culminated with the addition of WR ChadOchocinco.

With the somewhat controversial decisions, fans asked the inherent question: Will the Patriots have locker-room issues? [Read Full Story...]


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